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Finding the Ideal Gift Items for Corporate Employees

by vikas Kumawat 10 Jul 2024
Search the web for corporate gifting ideas, and you’ll come across a bunch of generic products that are flimsy, bland and acceptable at best. While it's no secret that distributing gifts can help build trust and a feeling of trust among employees, it is an activity that should come across as genuine and hearty. Employees are the strong foundation of every organization and it is important to show them that they’re valued and appreciated.
In India, there is no shortage of opportunities to seek our corporate gifts for employees, festivals like Holi, Diwali, and even New Year, revolve around the concepts of community and togetherness. But corporate gift items aren’t the same as birthday gifts, or any other gifts for that matter. While other gifts can be relatable and fun, a corporate gift must strike the balance between personal and professional.
Struggling to decide which corporate gifts for employees should you be considering? Here’s a bunch of corporate gifting ideas to help you out!
How To Choose Corporate Gifts For Employees?
While choosing the gift, you need to first ask yourself, do you wish to provide them with something that adds value to their personal life or work life. Gift hampers can be personal, offer variety, and flaunt a certain style and emotional value. At The Gift Studio, we offer a wide-range of corporate gifting hampers. On the other hand items such as workstation goods, stationery items, desk décor items work as perfectly reasonable corporate gift items and offer a one-size fits all solution.
Choose a Customized Gift Hamper
One of the best corporate gift items you can grab is a ready made gift hamper. Our hampers are beautifully decorated with care and offer everything from dry fruits, chocolates, and biscuits to french presses and scented candles. We recommend starting small with The Crunchy Munchies hamper.
You can choose gift hampers according to the personalities of each person, taking into consideration their liking and hobbies. Get a green tea and granola hamper for your fitness freak employee, or opt for one of our chocolate gift hampers for the employee with a sweet tooth, the options are endless. Gift hampers make for true luxury corporate gifts, conveying a sense of emotion and warmth.
  • Be Brave and Build Your Own Hamper
  • If you want to take things up a notch, you can choose to curate a hamper from scratch. This allows you to make the gift even more personal and also thoughtful by picking every single item with careful thought and consideration. Mix a variety of different gourmet chocolates, choose fancy candles, hand-pick your snacks, and maybe add in a fancy bottle of wine or some beers if your budget allows! Different hampers can be made to suit different teams and age groups.

    Explore Some Decor and Supplies

    Gifting your employee's stationery items like fountain pens, desk organizers, and such is also a great idea when considering pocket-friendly corporate gift items. By getting them something they use on a regular basis in the office, you can take a small step towards enhancing their work life. Furthermore, stationery items also offer branding opportunities. Using a pen and book with your company logo on it for client meetings conveys a sense of professionalism.

    Items like photo frames and journals also make for awesome corporate gifts for employees, allowing them to keep some photos of their loved ones at the desk, thereby adding a sense of fun to their workspace. These gifts might look small but they’re actually well appreciated. We even offer hampers for this very purpose! Like this one, pictured above.


  • Dish Out on Drinkables

    With fitness and diet becoming a focus in today’s youth, Items such as coffee mugs, coasters, water bottles and sippers have become staples of office culture. This makes personalized mugs and insulated sippers a great corporate gifting idea. After all, nothing boosts productivity like some freshly brewed coffee in the office canteen. It is a simple gesture but it shows how much you pay attention to details and helps you to build better bonds with your employees.


  • Shop for Smart Electronics

    Modern tech gadgets such as streaming sticks and smart speakers offer some true bang for your buck, these are amazing corporate gifts for employees who enjoy quality entertainment at home. Alternatively, you can also consider wearables such as earphones and smartwatches that are great for keeping track of tasks and even attending work calls on the go. Good tech gadgets make for some truly unique corporate gifts and can be a true delight to use on a day to day basis!

    Be creative this corporate gifting season and discover the perfect corporate gift right here at The Gift Studio. Show your employees just how much you appreciate them and build a foundation of friendship using our diverse and unique corporate gifting ideas.

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