About Us

RawFruit® is a vision to Nourish the world in a safe, responsible & sustainable way. Everyday our aim is to support the Natural & Manmade Food Chain of the planet so the Living Beings get the food they need to thrive. We combine our experience and vision with Living Forces, New Technologies and Nature to become the most trusted partner for Food, Agriculture, Supply Chain & Industrial Support in the entire World. Bringing Local Producers and Local Consumers together in the Diverse World of Food, Nourishment, Agriculture & Industrial Production in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner.


RawFruit® is a process that nourishes human life. We don’t just grow/ source/ produce & distribute products, we create them. Every product at RawFruit® is curated keeping the end in mind, through this goal setting principal we are able to Grow-Source-Produce-Distribute food in the most efficient manner, just the way it delivers the highest value for your Body-Mind-Soul. Our objectives therefore covers interaction at both the ends of the cycle and thereby keeps us in the system of continuous improvements that lasts a lifetime.